Edmund Rice Special Education Services

ERSES works in the spirit of the mission of the Christian Brothers. Our mission is to enhance the lives of children and young people with disabilities by:

  • responding positively to the challenges of disability
  • promoting and supporting inclusion
  • working in partnership with families
  • providing timely creative educational solutions
  • delivering best practice services in a range of settings

Current services include:

  • St Edmund's College for students with vision impairment and other special needs
  • St Gabriel's School for students with hearing impairment including those who have additional disabilities
  • Mainstream Itinerant services for students with sensory disabilities
  • Beginning Teacher Support Services
  • Advocacy and Support Services for students with disabilities and their families
  • Social Justice Program - Disability Awareness

ERSES board members are Mr John O'Donnell (Chair), Mr Jon Franzin (Principal), Mr Steve Rowe, Mr Mark Bennett, Mr Mark Glendenning, Mr David Roffe, Mr Malcolm Pooley, Mrs Anna Ford, Mr Graeme Harding, and Br Cyril Bosco.

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