Food Technology

At St Edmund's we offer an engaging study program from Year 7-10 Life Skills outcomes. Students in Years 9 and 10 participate in weekly Food Technology lessons. These lessons aim to engage and challenge each student to learn new skills and develop knowledge that will contribute to their ongoing learning and independence in the kitchen.

Throughout the year students explore topics such as hygiene and safe practices in the kitchen, nutritional value of food items, food cultural influences, catering and servicing within the industry, gathering information from a variety of sources. 

Each week Food Technology involves the preparation and production of food items and cooking, an activity all students love, especially due to the ‘hands-on' practical approach to learning.

Students learn skills such as safe use of equipment, and following procedures using their individual recipe books, complete with visuals to ensure all students are actively involved in this process. Students are encouraged to take their recipe books home at the end of the year to practice with their family.

An important goal is for students to be able to develop confidence in the kitchen, either independently or with minimal supervision. These skills may assist students in the future should they seek employment in the hospitality industry.

Some “Celebrity Chefs' (parents, friends, teachers) occasionally visit the students helping them cook special foods from other cultures. Food being cooked includes recipes from Greece, Thailand, India, South America and Japan.There are also two periods a week which involve literacy and ICT activities, where students learn the theoretical components of the kitchen.