Future Pathways - Years 11 and 12

St Edmund's Senior Program is designed to prepare students for life beyond school and we are committed to offering a comprehensive and tailored program which develops students' skills, interests and understanding of community opportunities and expectations. 

In line with this commitment, our specially-designed Future Pathways program forms part of every Senior student's timetable in conjunction with core subjects. It encapsulates a range of broad experiences at school and in the community with hands-on, independent opportunities, as well as communication and literacy activities. All aspects of the program are within context and beneficial in life and in the workplace. Future Pathways is also designed to complement the two-year Post-School Options program available to all students upon leaving school. 

Flexible and individualised, the program allows students to undertake two of four options over the course of a year. A decision on which options are best suited to each student's needs and interests is made through the Individual Planning Process in collaboration with families, carers and students. Options include: