House Teams

Four House teams were established in 2007 encompassing years 7 - 12.

The house teams are:

  • Mount Sion
  • Callan
  • Kilkenny
  • Waterford

The house names all played a significant part in the life of Blessed Edmund Rice. The teams were established on the model of vertical groupings to encourage social interaction, peer group mentoring and a buddy system between the senior and junior students. A positive behaviour program the Three Bs was developed for students to encourage them to learn, live, support each other and work together in a variety of situations.

The three Bs are:

  • Be a good learner
  • Be caring
  • Be safe

House Teams earn points by fostering care for each other and the environment at recess and lunch by being a good sport and putting rubbish away. Points are also given to students who achieve academic and other special awards that are presented at the weekly school assemblies. House teams are also used at sporting carnivals and charity drives for example Vinnie's Christmas Food Hamper Appeal.