Individual Plan (IP'S)

The transition process is a co-operative approach involving the student and his/her family, school personnel and other professionals and agencies. Its objective is to set and work toward the achievement of realistic and attainable outcomes for each student. It is a continuous process that begins when the student enters the school and continues throughout the time the student is at the school. The short-term and long-term goals for each student are set out in the student's Individual Plan. The goals from these plans influence the development of the instructional Plans across the KLA's.

School staff contribute to the meeting of individual needs by:

  • assisting each student to gain appropriate skills through the implementation of each of the strategies contained in the Individual Plan
  • modelling, teaching and encouraging appropriate academic, interpersonal and social skills development
  • reviewing the Individual Plan regularly to ensure that the objectives meet the student's needs
  • monitoring the Individual Plan progress of each student
  • maximising the competencies of each student through participation in school, Work Experience/TAFE and other wider based community activities as appropriate
  • providing assessments and reports as required by the Principal
  • maintaining records documenting each student's progress. These records will be available to parents
  • attending Individual Plan and Review meetings as required
  • providing students with effective strategies to respond to a variety of situations
  • promoting social integration and the use of community facilities
  • ensuring that teaching methods are appropriate and unobtrusive

Teachers meet weekly to discuss individual students achievements and needs.