The St Edmund's library is an exciting and flexible learning environment. It is the resource and media centre of the school and strives to develop an information literate learning community that offers a program with particular attention to students with special needs. Students are taught information skills on how to locate, organise and present information for small projects and class tasks. With the 12 computers and an Interactive Whiteboard, these skills are integral to the St Edmund's Information and Communication (ICT) program.

The library program also encourages students to enjoy literature and is important in the development of students' literacy skills. Beautiful picture books, Audio books, large print, DVDs, magazines and electronic media, such as iPads and other devices, are all available in the library. Students are encouraged to visit the library before school where they have the opportunity to participate in games, socialise with friends or for recreational reading in the quiet reading room that looks down over the pool. This room is also available to classes for viewing DVDs which support their curriculum topics.


Click on the image to take you to St Edmund’s eBooks page. Students can log in with their school Usernames/Passwords.You can read online in your browser or download the wheelers app and use on your iPad or Android device. Enjoy reading favourites on your own device from home or school.

Happy reading!!


Eddie's Seniors Blog Spot 2015

Year 12 students and ex-students, join us at Eddie's Blog Spot for a chat and information on what's happening at Eddie's and after Eddie's! We want to hear from you and see photos and videos that you would like to share with us.