Future Pathways - Pathways to Work

Pathways to Work is designed to give students a range of hands-on, practical experiences in-house that will prepare them for work post-school. The program includes:

  • 'Hotel Eddie's' - an experience of hospitality including housekeeping, bed-making, cleaning and literacy activities such as taking orders for catering. 
  • 'Eddie's Cafe' - a specially designed area depicting a cafe where students undertake basic food preparation, serving and washing up. Students also create laminated cookbooks with numeracy and literacy activities.
  • 'Pathways to Wahroonga' - Walk each week to Wahroonga, crossing roads, purchasing items, practicing numeracy, communication and social skills in the community.
  • 'Eddie's Presents...' - using iPad apps, Educreations and iMovie students create informative presentations on topics such as road safety.
  • 'Weekly Jobs' - in-house jobs such as Teachers' printing, laminating guillotine, canteen preparation, envelope-stuffing and refilling toilet and hand soap.