Schedule of College Fees 2017

Tuition (3 accounts per year)$1,144 x 3$ 3,432
Resource Fee$468 x 3$ 1,404
Sports Fee$168 x 3$    504
  $ 5,340
Building Levy$180 x 3$    540
Total fees payable per annum $ 5,870

The Resources Fee will cover the common materials required by each student, transport costs, photocopying and some administration expenses. Students will be supplied with a stationery kit at the beginning of the year. Parents will need to supply a pencil case, textas and/or coloured pencils. Calculators will be purchased by the school and then sold to students, as and when required.

Parents are encouraged to support the Buildings Donations. It is voluntary and tax-deductible. The funds are used for the upgrading of facilities. Should a parent be in a position to contribute more, this is most appreciated.