St Edmund's has two modern and fully equipped science labs, with Science being taught by two Science-Qualified and experienced Teachers. Students carry out experiments with the same equipment that would be found in mainstream schools, for example Bunsen burners, beakers, electrical equipment etc.

Students also access digital content from a range of interactive sources such as the Science iPads, students computers and interactive whiteboards.

At St Edmund's we offer only a Life Skills program of study for Years 7-12.

The Science program has a strong literacy component. It aims to:

  • involve students in real-life applications of Science relevant to their everyday lives
  • develop students' skills in working scientifically
  • develop students' social skills through group investigations
  • develop science literacy to enable students to interpret their observations and use their reasoning skills
  • develop a language framework of scientific vocabulary

The Science program also aims to support students with specific literacy needs and improve the students' ability to access information using technology.