Skills for Living

“The Shop" is open every Tuesday at lunchtime. We rely on volunteers including family members and friends to help prepare lunches and assist with the students' purchases. The students enjoy the process of ordering their lunches in the mornings from a selected menu and going to the shop at lunch to purchase what they have ordered. Even if they do not put in an order students still come to purchase drinks etc. It is a great learning environment for money skills with no pressure.

Eddies Edibles is an integrated program organised by teachers and operated by the students of the school. This involves senior students learning about healthy eating, following directions from a recipe and accurately measuring ingredients. Each week at Recess the students sell the items they have made to the other students, enabling them to practice their money skills.

Work Education is a subject taught in Year 9 and 10. The aim of this subject is to give our students the prerequisites for work. The school operates a number of activities which allow students to experience “work" in the school environment. This year the students actively participated in a Stamp Shop, Tile Shop, Vegetable Store, School Newsletter Store and Twilight Jewellery Shop. Students learn about:

  • Work contracts
  • Following instructions
  • Filling in time sheets
  • Literacy and numeracy work
  • Responsibilities of the employee
  • Responsibilities of the employer

St Edmund's believes that we should be considering work placement for our students after they finish school. These activities give our students valuable experience in a school work place before they venture out in Year 11 and Year 12 to TAFE and Work Experience in the local community.   

There is an unwaivering focus on preparing students for life beyond school in either a work or community involvement capacity. As such work education has become a critical umbrella for all other curriculum areas. It really is all about the future for our students!.

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