Speech Program

St Edmund’s College offers a specialist team to support all students’ learning needs. The team includes a speech pathologist (SP), occupational therapist (OT), as well as hearing and vision support.

The SP and OT use a whole school approach, which is proactive and based on inclusive education. The SP and OT use school-wide assessments to monitor student progress. This information is used to develop whole school programs and identify students who may require extra support. The SP and OT work together with teachers to create a learning environment that supports the learning needs of each student. This includes implementing whole school programs (e.g. social skills within Pastoral Care, language within Literacy, accessing the kitchen), team teaching and teacher training. The SP and OT also offer individualised support for students where needed, including liaising with external SPs and OTs, developing specific strategies and resources to be implemented by teaching staff, or facilitation of targeted small groups. This collaborative approach ensures that all students have access and opportunities at the College.

Our vision support and hearing support staff are both teachers at the College. They provide ongoing training to teachers around using equipment and strategies to support the hearing and vision needs of our students. They also provide individualised support to students with hearing and vision needs so that they are able to access all aspects of the College with increasing independence.