The Charter


The Christian Brothers' international Congregation Chapter of 2002, held in Rome, recognised that a call to educate the minds and hearts of the young is at the “Heart of Being Brother". In its deliberations the Chapter “acknowledged the immense contribution of the last 200 years that Brothers and their colleagues have made to the liberating education of the young".

It is timely that this Chapter directs us to identify the distinctive cultural characteristics of Catholic schools that are in the Edmund Rice tradition and to develop a network of those involved in the transmission and development of the Edmund Rice charism through our schools. These distinctive cultural characteristics underpin the Charter, which aims to express the Edmund Rice tradition as an educational vision for Australian schools owned and operated by the Christian Brothers in the 21st century.

The Leaders of the four Australian Provinces proclaimed this Charter to enable schools to authenticate their endeavour in this tradition. The formulation of the Charter has been the result of consultation and collaboration by the Christian Brothers and their coworkers in the schools throughout Australia. Embraced by each school, the Charter aims to inspire school communities to foster energetically the vision of a charismatic leader, Blessed Edmund Rice, in the Spirit of Christ and the educational mission of the Catholic Church.

As a living document the Charter will continue to evolve through review and reflection as the demands of our changing times are read and interpreted in the light of the unchanging Gospel.

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