Vision & Mission

Our Vision

St Edmund's College is a Catholic Secondary School in the Edmund Rice Tradition, catering for students with intellectual disability, vision impairment and other developmental disabilities. The values of love, justice, freedom and inclusion provide the foundation of an active and cohesive community of students, families, staff and the wider community. In collaboration and relationships with parents, the school supports, complements and involves students in a dynamic experience across the fully human, personal, physical, intellectual, social emotional, moral aesthetic, vocational and religious domains. 

Our Mission

St Edmund's aims to:

  • Provide opportunities for students to encounter Jesus through Gospels, Catholic traditions and the Charism of Edmund Rice which will support and enhance their personal and social life experience.
  • Address student learning through an individualised, adjusted State and National Curriculum and extra-curricular programs, equipping them for meaningful participation in society.
  • Offer specialised support, based on best inclusive practice, for students with sensory impairment in St Edmund's and Broken Bay Diocese.
  • Establish a secure, stimulating and challenging environment that encourages a love of and commitment to life-long learning, appropriate risk-taking and the development of authentic relationships.
  • Educate and empower students and families so that they may self-advocate, and to promote within the community an acceptance of understanding the 'difference'.
  • Support innovation and best-practice across all aspects of teaching and learning, business operations and pastoral structures and mechanisms.