Visiting Teacher Service - Hearing

Edmund Rice championed the rights and dignity of all people whatever their abilities or challenges. In accordance with this charism St Edmund's School operates the Visiting Teacher Service Hearing Support, on behalf of the Broken Bay Diocese Catholic School's Office.

The aims of this service are twofold:

1.To provide specialist support assisting classroom teachers to adjust programs and teaching methods to accommodate the needs of students with hearing impairments.

2.To empower students with hearing impairments to become advocates for their own learning and to become independent learners within mainstream school settings.

Using a collaborative, capacity building model students, class teachers, parents and specialist teachers determine specific learning goals for each individual student. Teachers are also assisted with making adjustments to their class programs to enable the student to fully access all areas of the curriculum. Teachers are encouraged to adopt specific teaching strategies designed to enhance the learning opportunities for students with hearing impairment.

The service supports students from Kindergarten to Year 12.