Wahroonga Rotary Breakfast Club 

Members of the Rotary Club of Wahroonga are either residents of the area, or have businesses or are professionals working in the area. Rotary is not just about Doing Good Things - it's about having fun Doing Good Things. The members enjoy fellowship in pleasure activities as well as at their weekly breakfast meeting where they can hear about club activities, listen to an interesting guest speaker, and still have a full business day ahead.

St Edmund's is fortunate to be a recipient of not only Rotary's good things but enjoy the fun as well. Each year we host a Rotary Breakfast at St Edmund's, where the Rotarians hold their usual meeting but instead of being at their usual venue they share breakfast with us. It is a morning of strengthening our relationship and a mutual growth in our understanding of both our organisations. Each year, Wahroonga Rotary generously assists the school with a bursary to help a family in need with the costs of their child's education. 

THANK YOU  to The Rotary Club of Wahroonga