How to Enrol

2025 enrolments are open now. Please contact our Registrar, Jackie Reilly to receive your enrolment pack. 

In the education of students with special needs, the criteria used to ascertain the eligibility for services and resources is dependent on a variety of factors. Students will be considered for enrolment at St Edmund’s College if they meet the following criteria:

  • Have been recently assessed as having a mild or a moderate intellectual disability through an individual assessment consistent with eligibility criteria under current government funding guidelines;
  • Present no serious threat of risk or harm to other students or staff;
  • Exhibit no behaviours that significantly interfere with, or compromise teaching and learning practices in the classroom or social integration in the playground;
  • Have completed a primary education and are seeking placement for Years 7-12 (Stages 4, 5 & 6) in a secondary school setting;
  • Are able to toilet themselves without individual assistance on a regular basis; and
  • Have sufficient communication skills to communicate with other students and staff in the classroom and playground.

If you have a child who you feel would benefit from the educational program and nurturing environment St Edmund's has to offer, please contact our Registrar, Jackie Reilly to obtain an enrolment package or further information.

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