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St Edmund’s College is a specialist educational facility catering for students with a range of disabilities. We are inspired by the very strong belief that the young people we serve have a fundamental right to a quality education that is meaningful, purposeful and hope-filled. At St Edmund’s College, we believe that all young people have great potential and an enormous amount to offer the world and our work as an educational community is to support students to achieve this.

Students at the College follow a course of study to the Higher School Certificate (HSC) level that consists of a combination of the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) developed and endorsed courses (Life Skills) as well as school-developed non-NESA endorsed courses. As a special school, it is our goal to ensure that the program of instruction caters for the needs of the student and is focussed on building upon the foundations of primary education and developing skills to give students independence post-school.

Lessons are delivered across a fortnightly timetable of five lessons per day, each lesson having a duration of 60 minutes.  There are two classes in each year level. The homeroom teacher is the first point of contact for the pastoral care of each student, and coordinates the student’s Personalised Planning process.

Students are acknowledged for their gifts and talents and consequently they are highly motivated to achieve. Success underpins school life at St Edmund's.