Years 11 and 12

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In Years 11 and 12, students build upon courses from Stages 4 and 5 by studying the following core Life Skills courses:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Community and Family Studies (CAFS) (including discrete Pathways to Work and Social Skills lessons in Year 11)

Year 11 students must choose the elective of either VET Hospitality Food and Beverage or Agriculture Life Skills. In Year 11 all students study both Creative Arts and Science Life Skills courses, choosing one of these as an elective in Year 12.

Students continue to study the following school-based courses:

  • Religious Education
  • Physical Education
  • Domestic Cooking
  • Workshop Practices

Pathways to Work and Social Skills
In Year 11, students undertake Pathways to Work (PTW) and Social Skills lessons as part of the CAFS course to develop work skills required in Year 12 during work experience.

PTW is designed to give students a range of hands-on, practical experiences that will prepare them for work post-school. PTW consists of two topics: Hotel Eddies and Pathways to Wahroonga. Hotel Eddie's is an experience of hospitality including housekeeping, bed-making, cleaning and literacy activities such as taking orders for catering. Pathways to Wahroonga allows students to walk each week to Wahroonga, crossing roads, purchasing items, practicing numeracy, communication and social skills in the community.

Social Skills has two key objectives. The primary objective is to improve students’ social skills in social and leisure situations. Students are already exposed to social skills in school-based situations (Pastoral Care) and in employment situations (Work Education, Pathways to Work, Work Experience). Social Skills gives students an opportunity to develop and practise their skills in a more social/leisure/community-based context. The secondary objective is to expose students to leisure activities and leisure/disability organisations that they could pursue after school, on the weekends and potentially post-school, especially in light of the NDIS.

VET Hospitality
Students who undertake the VET Hospitality Food and Beverage course obtain a Statement of Attainment for this Certificate 2. This pathway to qualification provides students with an opportunity to work in various hospitality settings, such as restaurants, hotels, motels, catering operations, clubs, pubs, cafés, and coffee shops.

Work Experience
Year 12 students participate in Work Experience once a week for the school year, with two placements, one in each semester. This allows students opportunities to generalise and maintain their workplace, social and communication skills across various settings. Current workplaces include:

  • Eden Gardens, Macquarie Park
  • Studio Artes, Hornsby
  • The SAN Hospital Café, Wahroonga
  • IGA, Wahroonga
  • Fine Cotton, Wahroonga
  • CNS Precision Assembly, Hornsby
  • Hornsby Toyota
  • McDonald's, Waitara
  • McCarroll’s Automotive Group

Please view our video ' Vision, Purpose and Inspiration' to see our Work Experience Program in action.